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Our Brand Design team blends talent and passion in equal measure to create a visual identity for your brand that is strategically sound, compelling, precision-fit for purpose and, above all, 100% inspired by the vision, character of your brand.

Visual Identity

Brand Architecture


Building an authentic brand.

Your brand is a story that extends far beyond your logo. The identity that your brand forms through this story revolves around the conversation that you have with your customers. Eventually, it becomes their gut feeling about who you are as a company. We formulate your brand identity by connecting your customers with the authentic you.


Designs that inspire and connect with your audience.

Design is many things. It’s communication, it’s art, and it’s a way to solve problems and understand the world. The digital assets we create guide your audience through the customer journey, capture the necessary information and convey the right message across the correct medium to drive traffic, convert and boost sales.


Without a visual identity a brand doesn’t exist.

What does your brand stand for? How well does it communicate its core values? Our approach focuses on answering these questions in order to create a visual identity that works. We’ll take you through the brand discovery process to align your visual identity to your business strategy in order to maximise the long-term success of your brand. 


Website Design

Brand Identity

Digital Assets

Print Design

Brand Identity

Your brand identity tells people who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it.

The way in which you deliver your brand identity across all materials that you produce makes all the difference.

Here at MaeStone we don’t believe in just making things look good, we create brand identities that have to work well, target the correct audiences and deliver noticeable results.

Once your new brand is created, you’ll need clear brand guidelines to manage and protect it, we can help you with that too.


The journey to impactful branding begins with you.

Every big, hairy, audacious goal starts with a first step.  Let us take the first step on that journey together

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